Vision Plans

Plan highlights include:

    • No enrollment fees
    • You can visit any vision provider, and will almost always pay less out-of-pocket when visiting a VSP or EyeMed Access network provider.
    • Discounted fees, typically 30% below average charges
    • Exams copays – $10 VSP plan, $25 EyeMed Access Plan
    • A 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee
    • Vision plans are also available to Seniors ages 65+

Network for greatest savings.

  • Choice between VSP® or EyeMed – 2 of the largest vision networks!
  • Over 100,000 unique providers nationwide
  • No waiting periods with immediate coverage
VSP Individual Vision
VSP Vision Plans
  • Best for members that utilize local vision boutiques
  • Convenient Locations – With more than 36,000 network doctors, you’re sure to find a VSP doctor near you. Visit the “Find a Doctor” section on to locate a VSP doctor near you
  • Lowest Out-of-pocket Cost – You’ll enjoy the lowest out-of-pocket cost in individual vision care, which could save you hundreds on your eye exam and glasses
  • Plan provides full coverage beginning day one
  • Great Selection in Eyewear – With the largest choice in frames, you’ll find the pair that’s right for you.

Plus, you’ll have access to more than $2,500 in additional savings with VSP Exclusive Member Extras including laser vision surgery, contact lenses, and up to 60% savings on hearing aids from TruHearing®.

EyeMed Access Vision Plan
  • National network – 78,000 vision care providers with a broad selection of choices – from independent providers to major retail chains
  • Includes rational retailers like Pearle Vision, MyEyeDr., Target Optical,  Sears Optical
  • Best Value Plan – largest selection of providers and lowest cost
VSP Plan EyeMed Access Plan
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VSP Individual Vision

Popular Retailers Pearle Vision, MyEyeDr., Accuvision, Visionworks Costcco,  local boutiques Pearle Vision, Lenscrafters, Sears Optical, Target Optical, JC Penny Optical
In-Network Copay Out-of-Network Allowance In-Network Copay Out-of-Network Allowance
Eye Exam $10 $45 $25 $50
Contact Lens Exam & Fitting Up to $60 $105 $15 $105
Frames $0 with $150 allowance $70 $0 with $130 allowance $70
Contacts (in Lieu of frames) $0 with $150 allowance $105 $0 with $130 allowance $105
Single/Bifocal/Trifocal Lenses $20 $30/$50/$65 $25 $50/$75/$100
Lenticular Lenses $20 $100 $25 $0*
Monthly Cost $16.34 $10.67
Standard Lens Enhancements 
In-Network Copay Out-of-Network Allowance In-Network Copay Out-of-Network Allowance
UV Protection Coating $16 Not Available $15 Not Available
Glass Tints $34 Not Available $15 Not Available
Factory Applied Standard Scratch Resistance Coating $17 Not Available $15 Not Available
Polycarbonate Lenses $31 Not Available $40 Not Available
Anti-Reflective Coating $41 Not Available $45 Not Available
Standard Progressive $50 for Multifocal $50 $65 $75
Other Add-Ons Available at a discount Not Available Available at a discount Not Available

Why do I need dental and vision insurance coverage?

If you are in the market for dental and vision insurance and find yourself asking, “Why do I need it?” consider the advantages to your overall health. Our oral and ocular health can be key indicators in detecting early stages of many health risks and diseases along with preventing many other health issues.

Ameritas dental insurance plans Include: VSP & Eyemed vision insurance plans Include:
  1. Two dental exams and cleanings per year
  2. Up to $2,000 calendar year Maximum Benefit
  3. Ameritas ​dental ​network with over ​400,000 access points nationwide
  1. One exam each year
  2. No waiting periods for immediate coverage
  3. VSP or EyeMed networks for the greatest savings

Apply Online Now

  1. Choice of VSP or Eyemed Access network
  2. Still have the freedom to use any provider
  3. No online enrollment fees

Network vs Non-Network

  • All plans offer out-of-network benefits
  • Non-network plans provide higher levels of coverage for non-network dentists
  • Network plans are cheaper, and are a good way to save money if your dentist is in network